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Clearwater Air Conditioning

Clearwater Air Conditioning

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 Warm Air when Cooling
If the air from system seems warm or even hot in cooling mode, call Bay Area for a quick diagnosis and affordable fix.

•  Slugish Airflow
Often times this issue can be solved by changing air filters. If it doesn’t  the air conditioning experts are available to inspect, diagnose and fix the problem(s).

•  Unusual Noises
Whatever the unusual sound emitting from your system, we can find the cause and provide a solution.

•  Bad Order
A musty or pungent odor will often occur when switching between heating and cooling modes. This is normal and is referred to as “dirty sock syndrome.” If the issue persists however, a deeper examination is needed.

• System Will Not Turn On
This can be a simple as circuit breaker or something more nefarious. If a reset of the breaker and/or thermostat doesn’t restore power to your system, we are available to assist.

 Excess Humidity 
Mildew and mold can result from too much moisture in your system. If you find it, we are available to eliminate it and keep it from returning.