Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pumps


Benefits of Heat Pump Systems

• A heat pump reverses its cycle to produce heat
• A heat pump is much more economical to run than a heat strip
• Cost more to purchase but will use less energy + a lower utility bill
• Heats better than a straight cool
• Has a back-up heat strip for emergency heat

 Heat Pump FAQ

What is a heat pump?

- A heat pump is an HVAC product that uses the outside air to efficiently heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. Unlike a furnace, a heat pump doesn’t burn fuel to make heat. It simply uses electricity to move heat from one place to another - making it a more energy efficient solution for many people.

Does a heat pump cool my home too?

- Yes. Despite the name, in the summer, your heat pump works just like a traditional air conditioner and includes the same energy efficient features and SEER rating system.

What is HSPF?

- HSPF stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor and is used to measure the efficiency of a heat pump. The higher the HSPF, the greater the energy efficiency of the heat pump. HSPF is a ratio of the heat output to electricity use over an average heating season.

Heat pump or furnace? Which is right for me?

- Whether to choose a heat pump or furnace depends on where you live. Heat pumps can be a smart and energy saving option if you live in an area with mild winters where temperatures rarely dip below freezing like the Southeast or Southwest. In these locations, a heat pump can both heat and cool your home comfortably and efficiently.

Heat pump or air conditioner? Which is right for me?

- If you live in a climate where winter temperatures rarely fall below freezing, a heat pump may be a smart way to cool your home - with the added benefit of heating it too! However, if winter temperatures where you live often dip below freezing, we recommend a matched air conditioner and furnace system.

Should I repair or replace my heat pump?

- The condition of your heat pump depends on several factors including location, maintenance, build quality and more. However, we recommend replacing your heat pump if: It’s 10 years old or more. It has a SEER rating of 10 or less It has an HSPF rating of 8 or less It needs frequent repairs It is declining in performance Your energy costs are rising.

What size heat pump do I need?

- Choosing the right size heat pump is a crucial part of the HVAC buying process and one that you’ll need an HVAC professional to help you with. Here’s why buying the right size heat pump matters: if you buy an HVAC system that’s too big, you’ll end up wasting money and energy. And if it’s too small, you won’t get enough cool or warm air to keep you comfortable.